Jun 26, 2011

Perfectly Boiled Eggs


This is just a quick little how-to-make-perfectly-boiled-eggs tutorial. I've spent too many years throwing away half-peeled eggs because the white would come off with the peel or the thin membrane was stuck to the white. Also, overly cooked egg yolks are way too dry and chalky. My sweet mother-in-law was visiting for Easter a few years ago and taught me to boil eggs just right. And it is SO simple.




1. Carefully place eggs in the bottom of a large pot. Cover with cool water. Place on stove over medium-high heat. Stay nearby and watch carefully. Bring to boil. Once fully boiling, immediately remove pot from heat and cover. Let stand 18 minutes.

2. Carefully pour hot water out of pot and cover with ice and cool water. Once eggs have cooled, remove from pot and refridgerate until ready to peel and serve.

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