Jun 25, 2008

PB&J for the Masses

When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I had no energy to feed anybody. My sweet husband ended up working his tail off just to keep my family fed and my house liveable. One idea we had was to make a bunch of sandwiches and freeze them so that all I had to do was take some out, let them defrost, and serve them with yogurt and a fruit. I know making PB&J is one of the easiest things on earth, but when you're carrying a 9lb kick boxer, every little time saver becomes a life saver. So here's what we do every other month or so:

I start with 2 loaves of bread, spread them out all over the counter. I then spread half of them with Peanut butter and the other half with Jelly, working row by row. Then I combine them into sandwiches and use my nifty Krustbuster. We used to use the Pampered Chef Cut 'n Seal but my hands got sore after a while. The Krustbuster is much easier.
Depending on what I'm using them for, I'll either seal them in individual plastic bags(to put in my older daughter's lunch box) or 9 in gallon Ziplocs to use at home. Then I just stick them in the freezer and save for busy days!


Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

I'm doing this. ASAP. I have to get the Krustbuster first though, I'm really excited about it! Oh, and I'm thinking my kids might like the pb on both sides with jam in the middle, like uncrustables! MMMMMM, even I like those!

Kincaid Family said...

Genius! I love this idea.

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